Audio Systems of the Rich and Famous
Audio Systems of the Rich & Famous

Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong (trumpeter) (view)
   Dual model 1019 turntable
   Tandberg 6X reel-to-reel tape deck (2)
   Marantz 10-B FM Tuner
   Marantz Stereo Console preamplifier
   Marantz 240 amplifier
   Acoustic Research 3A speakers

Leonard Bernstein
(conductor, composer)
   In penthouse work area: 4 channel Fisher system

Tony Bennett (view)

Aaron Copeland
   FM Tuner
   turntable with 16"Audac arm & cartridge
   Ampex 600 tape recorder
   Musician's Amplifier
   Altec 604 infinite baffle speakers

Michael Fremer  (Audio Reviewer)
Audioquest Niagra 7000 Power Conditioner / Distribution  
Vinyl playback:
Continuum Audio Labs Calibre turntable
Swedish Analogue Technology (“SAT”) tonearm
Lyra Aetna SL cartridge
CH Precision P1 phono preamp
Kuzma Four Point turntable ?
Koetsu mono Rosewood cartridge
Yipsilon VPS phono preamp
Tara Labs cables

Audio Alchemy CD transport
Moon DAC (digital to analogue converter)
Lynx A/D, D/A converter System
Tara Labs cables

DartZeel preamp
with X-1 power supply
DartZeel NBH-458 amplifiers
on a HRS Rack System
Tara Labs cables

Wilson Alexx speakers
RGP Abfusor room treatment

Reading: “Michael Fremer’s Practical Guide to Turntable Set-Up” 
Publ: 21st Century Vinyl

Howard Hughes (Oil Exploration, Aeronautics)
   McIntosh MC2105 power amplifier
   Altec A-7 walnut Valencia Voice of the Theater

John F. Kennedy
(U.S. president) (view)
   In White House: Fisher system

Paul Shaffer
(band leader)
   Sequerra FM tuner
   VPI turntable
   Sony SACD player
   Pass Labs pre amp (?)
   Pass Labs monoblock amplifiers
   Eggleston Works speakers

Frank Sinatra
(singer, actor)
   Fisher Tuner
   Garrard Turntable
   Presto Tape Recorder with 3 playback heads (before the Ampex AG-440)
   McIntosh Pre-Amp
   McIntosh "30" or "60" power amps (three)
   Altec 604 speakers (three - left & right: orchestra, center: vocal)
Purchased 22 November 1963. Minutes later the JFK assassination was announced on the radio.
 Clairtone Arizona G console stereo

Isaac Stern
   Audio Research tube electronics
   Magnaplanar speakers

Arturo Toscanini
   Tape Library in basement:
   RCA 16" Transcription turntable, then
   Jerry Minter 16" Transcription turntable
   Early Westrex disc cutting lathe
   Pultec pre amp (custom made for AT)
   Musician's Amplifier (Nov. 1949 by David Sarser)
   Altec 604 and Olson LC-1A speakers
   Main Hall:
   Altec Voice of the Theater (furniture finish)

Jack Webb (Actor)
Ampex Tape Recorder
McIntosh large speakers